were I to guess about the flashing red letters, I would say that he used write(1), to send you a message which contained the text "^[[5m^[31m J00 hAv3 b33n 0Wn3d^[0m ", where the "^[" stands for the escape character, and everything else stands for what it looks like.. (of course, this cake-stealer doesn't seem like the malicious sort, so after using escapes to turn on blink and red (5m and 31m), he/she sets the terminal back to it's normal state (0m).)

so anyway, your intruder probably typed something like

 perl -e 'print "\x1b[2j\x1b[31m\x1b[5mJ00 hAv3 b33n 0Wn3d \x1b[0m"' | write lemuru
which resulted in you seeing what you say. (the string causes the terminal to clear, then turn on blink, turn on red, print the message, and reset the terminal back to normal. "\x1b" is the string containing the escape character, if you're trying to decipher that.) I hope that was helpful.... (wow, I am a geek..)

(and by the way, it's very 1337 of your vt102/xterm/rxvt/whatever to support blink; I am quite impressed..)

I promise it wasn't me who stole your cake, sir