I was in a mental institution. My friend Meg was there with me, along with some of her friends that I didn't know. They were chatting like nothing was wrong, like we were at a big sleepover or something, but I was scared and anxious.

I went for a bike ride around the building and ran into my ex-boyfriend. We raced like children around the neighborhood, laughing and yelling. I returned after visiting a local high school.

When I got back I discovered that I was pregnant, or someone was pregnant, I'm not quite sure. I/she gave birth in the hallway surrounded by the people I knew. Except, when I held the baby it was actually a stuffed animal. I didn't seem to notice, however, because I went on loving it as if it were a human baby. I only realized this after I woke up.

Later we went to a restaurant with all of the crazies (including me) and all I remember is getting mad because they had nothing vegetarian.

Then I woke up.