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The Metanode Paradox or the Paradox Metanode!

Trying to systemize and classify all our paradox nodes. Be sure to look here before adding yet another node about your favorite paradox. There are already duplicates of the most popular ones.

A poem:
The Paradox

The basics:
paradox theory
A Blather of Paradoxes by ModernAngel is a also collection of paradoxes

Everything paradoxes:
Everything Paradox
Paradox of ideas for improvements to everything

Famous paradoxes:

Olbers' Paradox

Bertrand Russel paradoxes:

Birthday Paradox

Albert Einstein paradoxes:

Zeno's Paradox

Time travelling paradox

Monty Hall Problem

The unexpected hanging

Game Show and gaming paradoxes:
Newcombe's Paradox
What to do in a game show with a prize hidden behind one of three doors.
St. Petersburg Paradox See also Betting Puzzle and Betting Puzzle Answer

Mathematical paradoxes:
Berry's Paradox - The largest number that can be described in 14 words or less
a paradox of probability
Simpson's paradox
- Statistical paradox Banach-Tarski Paradox - This one is not a paradox, but can really come in handy...
Exponent paradox - Not really a paradox...just paradoxial behavior, sort of.

Everyday paradoxes:
Peanut Butter Paradox
why strapping buttered toast to a cat's back will not produce infinite power
New York Pizza Paradox
Gothic Paradox
coffee paradox
The 2000 United States presidential election: a paradox
Voting Paradoxes

Socks paradoxes
Where do all the socks go that disappear - Solutions to the disappearing socks problem
If God wanted our socks to match, he wouldn't have created dryers. - why do we assume that socks are lost in the dryer?
old chestnut: shoes and socks in the dark - answer: shoes and socks in the dark
Ok...this had better not just be a repeat of socks metanode

Religion paradoxes
Almighty God Paradox
God can create a stone so heavy even he can't lift it
The Salad Bar Paradox
paradox of power
Pascal's wager
Erasmian paradox

Infinity and more paradoxes
filling an infinite urn with balls
Switching a lamp on and off infinitely many times
old chestnut: infinity balls in a bin - answer: infinity balls in a bin
infinite propositions paradox

Relationships paradoxes:
Paradox by the Dashboard Light - (Simpson's paradox)
The Girlfriend (SigOther) Paradox
The Paradox of Dating

Miscellaneous logic paradoxes and non-paradoxes:
Frameshift paradox
interesting whole number paradox
boy, girl and dog paradox
Levinthal paradox
A truth-value paradox
Sorites Paradox

Still under development of course, please /msg me with additions and corrections!