I won't name my ideas, but...

The bullet rips through Gnegg1's chest cavity, does the normal amount of damage created by such an impact, Gnegg1 dies, and the entire time Gnegg2 was bleeding from a hole in his chest, the corpse collapses to the ground, along with the firearm within it's hand. One hour later Gnegg1's corpse will disappear, along with a firearm and bullet.

Gnegg "jumps back" one hour in time, and is locked within a loop in which is continously kills Gnegg1, in otherwords he jumps back, fires the gun, than he returns to the point where he jumped back to, fires, returns to the point he jumped back to, fires...

Gnegg again jumps back in time, this time however he loses his nerve and jumps back, time goes on as it normally did, although Gnegg disappears for a short period of time an hour after the occurance. During this period Gnegg is suicidal and attempts kiling himself, although he loses his nerve after taking a good look at himself.

Gnegg jumps back, but does not survive this little jaunt (at least as Gnegg) as moving backwards in time also means moving backwards in physical location, this will result in several possibilities. a) Gnegg2 never exists, as the universe completely eliminates him because multiple structures cannot occupy the same space-time. b) A quantom vortex is created, as multiple structures occupy the same space-time, the rest of the universe is sucked into it at exactly the same time, and than there is a rather incredible implosion known as the "big bang." c) Gnegg remains concious as he moves backwards, he continues moving backwards because he cannot stop, through all states of matter, until he moves back past the creation of the universe, he than creates the universe as he can remember all time. Gnegg changes his name to YHWH. d)Gnegg jumps back, although he has a strange memory of jumping back just an hour previous...

Also there is the possibility that Gnegg would never move back in time because the universe would be unable to handle the paradox created by Gnegg killing himself, thus not allowing him to move back.

Sorry did not know about this previously, but to those interested this is actually from the lyrics (words?) of a recording by F'loom, not really a song, just... a recording.

I have another theory, which I'll call the "Schrodinger's Cat" theory.

Gnegg is sitting in his chair, pondering his elaborate suicide. He then goes to his time machine, and sends himself an hour into the past, where he sees himself--Gnegg1--sitting in the chair. Gnegg2 aims his gun, and fires at his past self.

The gun fires, the bullet flies, but vanishes an instant before it would have struck Gnegg1. Instead, Gnegg2 is struck in the chest by an invisible bullet. He dies, collapses to the floor, and his body and gun both vanish. At this point, Gnegg has locked himself into an infinite loop (at least, from his point of view). Gnegg1 never sees Gnegg2 fire at him, and does not percieve any of this, except perhaps as the idea entering his mind.

This theory is based on the idea that any event which has already occurred from a future viewpoint must be allowed to occur in the present viewpoint, because it already happened, and that timeline has already been established. (the parallel universes/timelines idea frees us from such restrictions, but that's another theory). When Gnegg2 fires at Gnegg1, he does, in fact, kill "himself", but Gnegg1 must still be allowed to do this an hour later, because Gnegg2 has already established the timeline. Therefore, Gnegg2 fires, but the effect of his actions are delayed until Gnegg1 completes the actions he's been locked into. Of course, by then, he has become Gnegg2! So Gnegg2 fires at Gnegg1, but kills himself.

From an outside perspective, let's say his neighbor hears the gunshot. He goes over to Gnegg's place, and finds Gnegg sitting in his chair, dead, with a bullet wound to the chest. Why is he in the chair, and not on the floor? Because that's where he was shot. When Gnegg1 is shot, he becomes Schrodinger's Cat; both alive and dead. While he is in fact killed in the chair, he is also temporarily alive--a quantum duplicate created for the sole purpose of completing the timeline. Once all actions are accounted for, continuity is restored, and the duplicate ceases to exist.

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