This is a node about noding, i.e. a meta-node, but not a metanode. I have also taken the liberty of pipe-linking. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you, dear fellow noder.

Ever so often when swimming through the nodegel, you come across a writeup which was created Sat Nov 13 1999. Usually you do this when some hot-shot at the top of the Other Users Nodelet point out to you that "This has already been noded, newbie!". Sat Nov 13 1999 was, as you may or may not know, the time when the old E1 nodes were imported to here.

When hovering over the

-button on an old E1 node here on E2, I cannot stop myself from checking that old user out - if I don't already recognize the name. I do this because many noders from E1 does not come to E2. Sad but true. Yes, you know it too;
Was last logged in:Never
Why is this troublesome? I'll tell you why:

Voting on a node created by a user that has never logged on to E2 just feels like a wasted vote!

A cool, on the other hand, does not feel like a waste, since it will point out a good node to others - an example to good noding! But then again - cools are even more scarcely handed out by the Gods of Everything.

So, where's your point? you might ask. Well my point is that