The Russian Mi-28 combat helicopter is the latest generation of Russian helicopters, together with the Kamov KA-50. It is developed and manufactured by the legendary Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. The NATO codename of the Mi-28 is Havoc. It was developed in competition with th Kamov KA-50, but due to political reasons, both helicopters were selected by the Russian Army.

It is a conventional helicopter with a main and tail rotor. The rotors are composites and plastic in order to withstand direct hits. The cabin is fully armored and protected against small caliber rounds and shell fragments.

Mounted on the fuselage are two wings that allow a large range of weaponry such as air to air missiles, air to ground missiles and rockets. It also has a 20 mm cannon.

The helicopter is two-seated, with a pilot and a navigator/weapons officer. The pilot has a helmet with built in target designator which follow the eye movements of the pilot and transfer data to the weapons officer.

There is also a night-time combat version, the Mi-28N Night Havoc. This has newer avionics, engines and electronic warfare equipment. It has FLIR – forward looking infrared – system and the crew use night vision goggles.


Principle dimensions  16.85 x 4.81 metres  
Main rotor diameter  17.2 metres  
Height  3.82 metres  
Length with revolving rotors  21.16 m  

Normal takeoff weight  10,400kg  
Maximum takeoff weight  11,500 kg  
Weight of normal consumable combat load  638 kg  
Maximum weight of consumable combat load  1,605 kg  
Weight empty  7,890kg  

Two TV3-117VMA each providing 2,200 horsepower  

Maximum flight speed  282 km/hr  
Cruise speed  260 km/hr  
Hovering ceiling  3,450 metres  
Service ceiling  5,750 metres  
Range of flight at normal take-off weight  460 km  
Ferry range with drop tanks attached  1,105 km  

Antitank guided missiles    
Radio guided, launch range  8 km  
Movable gun mount calibre  30 mm  
Air launched rockets    
Quantity 80  calibre 80 mm  
Quantity 20  calibre 130 mm  

Mi-28N Night Havoc

Take off weight  10,500 kg  
Maximum take off weight  11,500 kg  
Hover ceiling out of ground effect  3,700 metres  
Service ceiling  5,700 metres  
Cruise speed  265 km/hour  
Maximum flight speed  324 km/hour  
Flight range with 10% fuel reserve  435 km  

reference: Army technology