Yeah, that’s a lot of opinions on Bowling, but here are the facts!

Ok, now they nuked all the old wus, but you get the general idea. It was bad.

Bowling is a game where you use a large ball – bowl – to hit and overturn usually 10 usually wooden pins. Since that’s not so hard to do, it has been decided that you have to roll the ball almost 20 meters – about 22 yards or 62 feet if that’s how you like it - along a 1 meter/3 feet and inches wide lane before a hit counts. The ball can weigh no more than 7,3 kg or 16 pounds/lbs. You can only try twice.

                        19 meters
-------------------------------------------------------- A
                                                     O   |
                                        Pins -->   O     |
 -->                                             O   O   | 
 Bowl this way                                 O   O     |  1 meter
                                                 O   O   |
                                                   O     |
                                                     O   |
-------------------------------------------------------- V
Matches are usually played over ten “frames”. That means that the contestants try to knock over that pins 10 times each, and count the number of pins down in total.

You get one point for each pin you knock down. If you manage to knock down all the 10 pins on your first try, it’s called a Strike and you get to count the pins in the two following tries. If you knock down all ten pins after the second shot - a spare - you get to count the pins knocked down in the next throw as well. Ten frames is called a serie, and matches are usually played over several series, added together.

How to count - example

 1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10    Xtra   Total
| 5  2 | 3  - |  X   | 9  / | 7  2 |  X   |  X   | 2  2 | 1  / |  X   | X  X |     
|   7     10     30      47     56     78     92     96     116    146       | 146 
First shot a 5 and second a 2, gives 7 in the first frame.
Second frame only 3 pins in two shots… bummer! Total is 10, write that under the frame.
Third frame was a Strike! Now you have 10 points in this frame, but you have to wait for your next two shots in order to calculate your score for that frame. Neat. You don’t get a second shot when you make a strike.
First shot in 4th frame is a 9, close. Next shot takes the last one down, so it’s a spare. That makes it 10 more to the strike in the 3rd frame. For the fourth, you have to wait for another shot to add to the 10 you have threre.
Fifth frame is a 7+2, giving another seven for the first shot to the fourth frame for a total of 47 there. And then the 9 to the fifth.
Sixth is a strike and so is seventh frame. That means that you have to count the strike in the seventh and the first 2 in the eighth frame to add to the strike score of sixth.
Seventh frame is ten points plus the following two 2s in the eighth.
Ninth is a spare, so you also count the following hit – 10 pins down in the strike - for 116 points this far.
Tenth frame is a strike. But don’t worry…there’s extra room for two more shots, which you only can make if you strike the tenth - or one extra if you spare it. Both extra shots were strikes, giving 10+10+10 in the tenth frame.
The total score is 146. That wasn’t too hard, was it ?