Small estate in north Milton Keynes, Stantonbury would go entirely unnoticed by the outside world if it weren't for the fact it's home to one of the largest secondary schools in England. Farmland until the early 1970s, Stantonbury was one of the first estates built in the new town of MK. First built was 'Stantonbury 1' - a collection of cheap 3 bedroom houses and 3 room flats. Sadly the designers had very poor taste and decided to paint every house white - gradually this has resulted in this area looking gradually more and more tacky. Until the late 90s inhabitted mainly by retired housewives, the area has begun to turn into a seedy council slum. Next up was 'Stantonbury 2' - a group of slightly larger, more upmarket properties, mostly three bedroom but a few larger. This part of the estate is actually surprisingly pleasant in isolated corners, but suffers from the effects of its neighbours. Then came 'Stantonbury 3' (the last area to be named like this, none of these names are now used) which was originally and still is almost entirely council housing. Housing development then stopped until the mid 1990s when a couple more streets were built on playing fields and wasteland.

Stantonbury is home to a very modest collection of shops which were built at the same time as Stantonbury 1. As well as the sprawling Stantonbury Campus, the estate is also home to one primary, one private and one 'special' school. Due to these, there is a small athletics stadium, a leisure centre, tennis courts and a reasonable bus service

The name name Stantonbury was chosen for the estate as 'Stanton' has been used in the area for centuries (Stanton High Farm and the ghost town of Stanton Low being prime examples).