The Tracking is something that can be wrong with your car.

Essentially, it refers to the alignment of the four wheels with respect to each other. There are two main ways it's adjusted.

  • Toe - This is the alignment of the tyres. Sometimes, the tyres should be "toe in" - this means that the two front tyres point inwards, and sometimes they should be "toe out" - they point outwards. And sometimes they should be neutral. The vehicle manufacturer specifies what they should be set to, and how much.
  • Camber - This is the angle of the tyres with respect to the road. Again, this is specified by the manufacturer.

Usually, the toe only applies to the front wheels, but camber applies to all four. Adjusting the tracking is done at a service centre where they use a special set up that involves hooking units onto each wheel that project light markers to the other tyres. The wheels can then be adjusted.

Tracking is most often set off after hitting a curb or a large pothole. If you leave it off, the car can handle badly, and you will also get uneven wear on your tyres.