Typically a bustier combined with a garter belt (suspender belt in some places). A merrywidow is an item of lingerie that typically covers an area between the breasts and waist and features garter straps that may be used to attach stockings. In some cases the garter straps are removable. Merrywidows come in both shoulder strap and strapless versions along with an occasional convertible, but almost all of them tend to have vertical boning in the style of a corset. Much like a bustier they often attach in the back using hook and eye fasteners although front hooks and laces are also seen.

They are often pictured in ads for wedding lingerie or alongside the bustiers. Victoria's Secret will occasionally make an exceptional merrywidow, but usually only around Christmas and at their typically high prices. Far cheaper, but highly attractive merrywidows can usually be purchased from Frederick's often including the matching g-string.

also known as simply a merry widow or a basque