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"It's like the Encyclopedia Brittanica meets Dungeons and Dragons" - My stepbrother Ryan upon his first visit to E2.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be really uncomfortable working on a project, read this article...

Then you might understand my day a little better.


Of the many hobbies I enjoy, three of my favorites are football, gambling, and pretending I know something about both. So... to welcome the start of the new football season, I shall pretend that I am a high stakes gambler and announce my selections (in bold) for each week's football games.

A Few Notes:

I am not actually placing bets. I just need to feed my addictive personality. Also, I will always bet on the Bears, even though they will play 16 road games this year. I would rather not bet then bet against DA BEARS! All point spread's are taken from the Daily News' sports section.

If you would like to joint the fun, /msg or e-mail me your picks. I'll keep a running tally and we'll see how much noders know about football.

FINAL Standings

koreykruse 62 - 59 - 1 $-24
hashbrownie 112 - 105 - 4 $-30
Irfan 71 - 88 - 3 $-231
Scoobi Doo 103 - 118 - 3 $-251
Buttermaker 112 - 135 - 4 $-422
beigs 112 - 134 - 5 $-442

SUPER BOWL Results - Double Stakes

beigs 0 - 1 - 0 $-22
Buttermaker 0 - 1 - 0 $-22
hashbrownie 1 - 0 - 0 $+20
Scoobi Doo 0 - 1 - 0 $-22
Irfan 1 - 0 - 0 $+20
koreykruse 0 - 1 - 0 $-22

*Dollar figures are based on the casino rate of $11 wins you $10.


Raiders -4 Winners: hashbrownie, Irfan
@ Buccaneers over/under 44

Playoffs - Conference Championships Results

Buccaneers over/under 34 Winners: Beigs, Buttermaker, Scoobi Doo
@Eagles -4

Titans over/under 47 Winners: koreykruse
@ Raiders -7.5

Playoffs - Divisional Round

Saturday's Games

Steelers over/under 44 Winners: Buttermaker, koreykruse, hashbrownie, Irfan
@ Titans -4

Falcons over/under 38.5 Winners: hashbrownie, Irfan
@ Eagles -7.5

Sunday's Games

49ers over/under 39.5 Winners: Beigs
@ Buccaneers -5.5

Jets over/under 47.5 Winners: Buttermaker, koreykruse, Irfan, Scoobi Doo
@ Raiders -5.5

Cruising through the Warm Waters of Life: A Travel Log

Day 1: It Rained on My Paradise
Day 2: Ernest Goes to Sea
Day 3: Labadee, Labada, Life Goes on, Bra!
Day 4: I seis the Rios, I siete the Rios, I Ocho the Rios
Day 5: The Voyage Home

Browsing through other homenodes, I see that many people write about what they're interested in noding. Because I'm tired and in an uncreative mood, I shall do the same........

MY MISSION Statement: I have a long list on my desk of topics on which I'd like to node. All of which are things I only know a little about. Forcing myself to node them is my motivation for learning more. I have always had a terrible memory for things I read, yet I love to read and I love to do research. I just never did any writing outside of school. As a result, my write-ups will be rolled out slowly. This is because I'm doing the research.<.p>

I do not intend on writing about my areas of expertise (Walter has already done most of those). The obvious exception being my last two writeups, Fuck Sound and ADR and this was because I thought the previous ADR write-up was a tragedy.

That's about it. Ongoing projects include: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Max Malini, Mose, Romulus and Remus, Vocalese just to name a few...

Oh, the Stupid Things People Say...

Randy Moss:(after being arrested for running over a traffic cop) I'm trying to change my life. Trying to make things better... do a 360.
correct me if I'm wrong... but shouldn't you be shooting for a 180

Randy Moss: I've been playing football my whole life. What does it get me? Labels.
actually, it gets you millions of dollars, ass.

Boy:"You know... the bass player for that band... well... he kind of reminds me of a skinhead.

Girl:"Aren't they supposed to be assholes?"

A conversation between ESPN's Dan Patrick and WNBA star Sue Bird

Dan Patrick: Anything funny happen at the White House?
Sue Bird: George Bush butchered Coach Auriemma's name.
Dan Patrick: Did you laugh?
Sue Bird: Yeah. We were just giggling on the side. And then Bush said, "Come on, you know I'm not good with English."

Morbid Discussion Topic of the Day

From a film I've been working on:

On being a woman in an Afghan family

It's hell. It's like a hell where the fires burn without turning you into ashes.

If you have any first hand knowledge on the subject, please share. I have nothing to go on but this movie.

As I sit here and try to think of things to put on this page, I start to realize that I may just be a boring person.

Good bye, Ox. You will be missed.

Good bye, Ray Brown. You will be missed even more.

Another Good bye to the Splendid Splinter. Wow... what a shitty week.

and the hits keep on comin':Legendary sportscaster Chick Hearn dies at age 85.

Oh, God! Why are all my favorites old?!...Lionel Hampton has left us as well.

"For every complex problem, there is a simple solution. And it is always wrong." - H.L. Mencken