13:23 UTC

So I never went to bed last night. I found myself getting really engrossed in some coursework for uni that I couldn't figure out; before I knew it (or at least, finished with it) it was 6 o'clock in the morning. Lecture at 12 - so "not much point going to bed" I thought. So I didn't.

I did little bits and bobs, went out to a shop when it opened at 9ish (what an odd experience), and eventually went to a lecture. So now I'm jittery with caffeine since I drank tons of coffee and I've been off coffee for a while, and on a sugar high because I needed to keep up with life as well as be awake. I can't stop moving now!

17:05 UTC - 30 hours and counting

Well, I made it, in a good impression of wakefulness, to a lecture and tutorial, but just missed another lecture because I was typing this node. Grr...

I think I'm getting drawn deeper into e2. Today I've put in a couple of longer writeups, and improved some writeups... I'm contributing more. Still not as much as I'd like, but there you go.