12:47 BST

Well, I've well and truly, officially, finally, adverb-ladenly, relapsed in my Day Log writing. Oh well. Maybe it's because my life is quite boring. Life sucks. I'm home in a shitty little town, with all those small town people and stuff. Apart from the fact that I'm not exactly a normal, average person - I'm not exactly weird, just a long haired linux geek guy with long hair who happens to go around wearing black clothes quite a bit, and occasionally gets those looks. And after being in a big city, feeling rather anonymous, I feel like I need to be more self-confident than I otherwise might be.

Anyway, I think that being back where I did most of my growing up, tends to dampen my feeling of nonconformance a bit. Seeing people who I vaguely know, or know just well enough to know I really don't like, is rather odd now that I am who I really am. That's what I think happened a bit after I left school and went to university; I feel like I am more the "real me" than I was before, and less what other people made of me. Not that I was overtly repressed by anybody, just...anxious about what other people might think. Which is what I feel reflections of now.

What happened to me today? Well I decided that for the rest of the summer I will work my ass off, doing lots of shifts at the garage I do some work at, and Perl coding for some local company. I get to make lots of money - two jobs! way! - and I don't really mind doing either. I mean, sitting/ standing around for eight hours serving people isn't particularly interesting, but I get to listen to music, and it's not exactly strenuous work. And Perl coding... well as some here might agree, hacking code is rather fun. Unfortunately my employer insists on phoning me at ridiculous times like 09:00, but then... I get to work from home, meaning when I want to.

Enough about that. I visited my flat yesterday. It's so much better and more wonderful than I remembered. I'm spending quite a few of my spare thought cycles contemplating stuff to go in it, how to arrange furniture and things, and so on. I'm soooooooo looking forward to it. Note that it's not going to be mine in that I'm buying it - I'm not - but I will be living there for the next 3 years. I look forward to that.

Well, work calls. I'll never get anything done if I keep noding or reading nodes. Which probably translates into no work tonight....