The IBM PS/2E, or 9533, is the computer I never had when I was 12. designed in 1992, it was the first energy star compliant PC IBM built, and the first PC to use recycled plastics in its chassis. It is also exceptionally tiny and contains no fans, probably because it is built almost exclusively from thinkpad components.

The PS/2E comes with a 486SLC25/50 processor(really a souped-up 386sx), 4 or 8 MB of RAM on the motherboard, an XGA-2 graphics controller with 1 MB of RAM, a laptop hard disk and a laptop(thinkpad) flopppy drive. it has a single expansion port, in which an ISA converter or a quad PCMCIA adapter can be inserted. It also has a socket for a 387 coprocessor and two ram slots for 72-pin parity RAM. Since the processor is really a 386, it can only take a maximum 16 MB of RAM.

When it was released, the PS/2E could be bought with the IBM 9507 screen, a 10.7" LCD display which was incredibly dreamy in its day. Of course, noone could afford this combo, or even the screen itself, which makes it a rare commodity these days.