The xorn is a creature that is native to the elemental plane of earth, but some of them now live on the prime material plane. The xorn is unique in the fact that it is a 3 legged creature. It is barrel shaped, with three short powerful legs spaced evenly around its underside. Higher up on the body, the xorn will have 3 arms, and 3 eyes also spaced evenly around the top of its body. The xorn does not have a head, instead the top of its round body is simply all mouth (facing straight up when the creature is standing upright). The xorn is designed as a sort of "living drill", as it can tunnel head first through earth and rock at incredible speed.

The xorn prefer to live peaceful lives, eating stones, and metals, and staying far away from other creatures. But when attacked they are a deadly foe. Their usual method of attack is to bend in towards a single foe, and bite him (while striking with all three arms). Few men can survive more than a few seconds of this. The xorn will then spit out any bit of the attacker that they may have swallowed (xorns cannot digest meat), and move onto the next foe.

The xorn are very common on the elemental plane of earth, where they live in small clans that wander the plane, eating their way through any good minerals and stones that they find.

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