The IBM PS/2 Model 30 used an 8086 microprocessor with a clock speed of 8MHz, with 640K of DRAM standard (this was also the maximum for the motherboard and system). It had a standard ROM size of 64K, and an optional 8087 8MHz math coprocessor.

It came with 2 internal disk drive bays, with a single 3.5"/720K drive equipped as standard, and a 5.25"/360K as an option. The standard model did not come with a hard disk, but the system could use one, so long as it was 20/30Mb. It did not support internal tape drives, but supported the external 5.25" Streaming Tape 6157-001.

It came with a 101-key enhanced keyboard, with LED indicators. Its standard graphics system was to use MCGA, but it could support VGA. It had one serial port, one pointing device port, and one parallel printer port. It's CMOS clock had a 15 year battery life, however, this battery is not replacable. It had 3 long 8-bit adapter slots, none of which with video extension. It supported IBM PC-DOS 3.3 or later.

The unit's height/width/depth was 4"/15.6"/16", weighing in at 17.5lbs. It ran off a 70W power supply, capable of auto-switching for differing voltages. It could run at a temperature of 60-90°F, with a relative humidity of 8-80%. It generated 341BTUs/hour, and 27.5dB. It had an FCC classification B, and came with a 1 year warranty.
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