A Linux-based PDA, made by Agenda Computing. The device uses the MIPS-oriented VR Linux (www.vr-linux.org), and sports fairly powerful hardware for its price range (US$250).

  • 66 MHz, 32-bit MIPS embedded processor
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 16 MB flash memory
  • 160x240 greyscale screen
  • 6 action buttons (left, right, up, down, pageup, pagedown)
  • On-screen keyboard (a program, called when wanted)

Perhaps the most intriguing, though I have not been able to confirm it, is that Agenda seems to be incrementally improving both the software and the hardware. I purchased the Developers Edition (Vr3d), and it has few of the problems mentioned by other developers months ago. The DE has a clear case, and people have reported certain parts in different locations, or missing altogether. I have gotten no information on the retail version, so my assertations are only speculation at this time.

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