DJ Q-bert, member of the Invisble Skratch Piklz, is thought by some to be the best turntablist in the world. Q-bert, or Richard Quitevis, was born in 1969. He started scratching and mixing at age 15, and won the DMC World Finalz in 1992 with Mix Master Mike and Apollo under the name "Rock Steady Crew". In 1994 he won again, this time without Apollo. It is often claimed that after the Dream Team victory of 1994, Q-bert and Mix Master Mike have been banned from scratching competitions because they are considered unbeatable. When asked about this, Q-bert replied "We weren't banned! They just decided to make us judges. It also gives us a chance to do other things - like making an album, make videos, records, the website ( etc."

Q-bert is sponsored by Vestax and Shure. He uses Vestax 05 Pro ISP Version mixer and Shure M447 needles.