The income you receive from welfare covers just the basics. While it's enough to stay alive, it 's certainly not enough to do fun things. To people saying they're lazy wasters I always ask them : 'If the life appeals to you so much, why don't you join them ?' Most of them shut up then.

But there's more... Being on welfare, you receive an small income, yet our society encourages everyone to consume, consume, consume...

Everywhere you look, you see advertising, persuading you to buy stuff. You feel unhappy because your need to consume remains unsatisfied

Some day, while looking into the paper, you stumble upon advertisements about loans (or you see some commercial on tv about a store that sells stuff on credit)... Loans even you can get with your tiny welfare -income.

So you get your loan and buy yourself a tv set... In most cases being on welfare means you didn't get a proper education, so you probably didn't read the reposession small print well hidden in the conditions of the loan.

After a few months you find out the truth the hard way: this loan wasn't the best idea you came up with. Or still worse... you still don't get it and you buy more stuff on credit (perhaps a 'sky television dish').

You try to keep up the downpayments but fail because of your limited income...

There's only one way to continue the downpayments... yes, loan again (probably at a more expensive rate) to pay the first loan.

Then (perhaps) you realize you're digging a hole, a hole that gets deeper and deeper, a hole that will be used to burry you.

Appliances for loans should be investigated much better .

Some other thing I hear (not only in writeups here) is that welfare discourages people to work for minimum wages. I guess that says a lot about those wages !