I play a slight variation on stash's hotbox. The field is two boxes, one small(approx. 1-3 yards square) and one big box 15-20 yards square. You score by catching it in the small box, and clear it by throwing it to the outside of the big box. The big box is important because it leads to the drinking game variation called beerbox.

You need about 6 people(teams of 3 works well), a disc, a keg, and some cups and cones to play beerbox. Set up the small box normally with cones. Set up the large box with cups of beer at the corners. Anytime anyone catches the disc close enough to one of the cups to grab it he drinks for 2 counts, which are as long or as slow as the person guarding him wants. So you can drink for "12" and hardly get a sip, or "Ooonnnneeeee......Twooooooooo" and drink almost the entire beer. But, if you finish the beer, you hand the cup to the person guarding you, who has to refill it at the keg while play continues. So you get a "power play" if you finish the beer. If you step on, kick, or otherwise knock over a beer, you have to go fill it up while play continues. If you score, then the person who scores drinks for 5 normal counts before you start the next point.

The strategy is to do slow counts when the person is drinking a full beer, and then fast counts when they are about to finish one. You also want to try and catch it next to beers that are almost empty. Also, you should have a strong stomach to play this game, since it involves drinking a lot and running around.