Everybody is familiar with the normal pipe link:

[snugglebunny|what you desire]

... which, as we know, links to snugglebunny with a link named "what you desire", just like this: what you desire.
But there is yet another tasty link type, provided for our use: the double pipe link.

[pretzels|tasty treats|Love and Peace]

We are now provided with a third argument. This is the way the link looks like:

tasty treats

The link looks deceptively innocent. Apparently (as confirmed by Dr. Nekojin) the third argument does nothing. But this is not the truth. What really happens is that

¡it appears on dem bones' clouded brows !

So, every time you click on the "tasty treats" link above you are taken to the pretzel node, and "Love and Peace" appears in Helvetica 12 Bold on dem bones' forehead, in fiery letters.
This is why you should use this kind of link with the utmost care; spelling mistakes give him a splitting headache.