at least it may help them realize, with the cool-headed rationality that tobacco brings, that a shotgun is not the prime choice for sniping. Good karma.

A rifle would be more appropriate. But then, think of the victims: they would be killed (laxo sensu) by your cigarette. Bad karma.

But then, consider further: the able marksman that finally shoots the smoker may be awarded a medal. That would be good for him. Good karma.

Unfortunately, this marksman is a real bastard. He likes juggling kittens in his sleep. When he is awake, he does not like it, but he does it anyway. He drinks cold red wine with halibut, and warm white wine with prime rib. He is worthless. The medal will just inflate his ego. His elation may bring him to run for president. He may win. Bad karma.

Summing it up: Good + Bad + Good + Bad = Zero. But wait ! Now you have one cigarette less. Which is clearly bad. So, don't give him that smoke, and give thanks to Eris, which inspired me to write all this.