I had just left philosophy class and I was thinking along the lines of good karma and bad karma that I hear people make constant reference to, I was wondering...

If someone asks to bum a smoke off of me, and I give it to him, am I garnering good or bad karma? Because, I'm giving someone something that they want, but I'm also contributing to their having a higher chance of getting lung cancer later in life.

Anyone wanna take a stab at this?

Side Note: I was aware that the word karma itself meant action. Because I'd just learned that in class, but in the sense that the word is commonly used, its bastardized American version, I was wondering what the merit of that act would be.

Thanks Girlface. I feel one step closer to enlightenment.

Personally, I would prefer not to stab anything. But, I will take a shot at it.

Karma in sanskrit means action. And, you don't have to take my word for it, sensei noded it. You acted upon a request in a way that was giving towards a fellow human being. So what if it was a cigarette? When it comes to bumming out smokes, I like to think of it this way: smoking is a stress reliever. Stressed out people do stupid and dangerous things like crawling up the clock tower and picking off citizens with a shotgun. So, in the long run, by giving someone a cigarette, although it may contribute to their death, might save countless other lives.
at least it may help them realize, with the cool-headed rationality that tobacco brings, that a shotgun is not the prime choice for sniping. Good karma.

A rifle would be more appropriate. But then, think of the victims: they would be killed (laxo sensu) by your cigarette. Bad karma.

But then, consider further: the able marksman that finally shoots the smoker may be awarded a medal. That would be good for him. Good karma.

Unfortunately, this marksman is a real bastard. He likes juggling kittens in his sleep. When he is awake, he does not like it, but he does it anyway. He drinks cold red wine with halibut, and warm white wine with prime rib. He is worthless. The medal will just inflate his ego. His elation may bring him to run for president. He may win. Bad karma.

Summing it up: Good + Bad + Good + Bad = Zero. But wait ! Now you have one cigarette less. Which is clearly bad. So, don't give him that smoke, and give thanks to Eris, which inspired me to write all this.

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