GUTS ! does he really have to tell us about his guts ?

This is clearly a good year for surgery. Today I got a little cyst removed. It was an easy procedure, with local anestethic .. anaest ... anesthe ... Jesus, how does one spell *that* ? OK, with "local painkillers", whew, what a relief.

The only interesting observation I have is that the magic dope that the surgeon squirted into me has a very local effect, which means that I felt all the interesting pulling and pushing as the little disgusting thing was removed from me.
The nearer I can describe it is, imagine someone takes a really long time messing around with some of sort of sticker very thoroughly glued to you. But the sticker does not come off, since you don't feel the pain normally associated with that.

So now my belly, on the left, is decorated by some stitches, carefully hidden under an Iowa-sized gauze pad. The scar will be a nice counterbalance to the gallbladder scars, which are obviously on the right.

... writing as a hog on ice

Obviously, in the last sentence, is not meant as an offence or an insult to people that happen to have their internal organs rightside left and leftside right, that's to say inverted. I have no desire to offend you, even if you are a freak and ought to be in a circus ... I meant, pursuing a respectable career as a mobile, temporary-structure based entertainer.

Speech therapy beckons

Today I had the impression that my normally excellent control of Italian (my mother tongue), is slowly coming back. I have this paralizing fear of losing Italian, since my English is ... well, you can see it, I manage to write more or less, but you should hear my accent ! And my Spanish is OK, but definitely not great. Serviceable, useful, but not pleasant. Not even to me.

Family: the old and the new scars

I had a good chat with my mother, probably the person I miss more in Mexico. My father is probably preparing some big serious father speech, which he will deliver the day before I leave - I am already armoring myself for the impact.
My sister seems happy with her boyfriend, which is good. He is OK, maybe not extremely exciting nor terribly amusing, but he is OK. I guess it is a good thing that we brothers are not really asked for our opinion about possible in-laws.

Italy has not really changed

... which could be good news. Things are more or less as they were two years ago. People still watch really bad TV, and practice even worse politics. The country is obsessed with food, fashion, money, cellular phones, women's butts and art. Nihil novi sub sole, and a pale sun it is.

What do I want to do with my life

Well, dear fellow noders, I still have not solved this one. Circumstances will take me back to Mexico - circumstances under the guise of a job, a girlfriend and even, funny as it may sound, a return ticket.
But do I really want to stay there ? Or is it just good old inertia plus adaptability that keeps me in Mexico City ?
I feel a general disquiet. But I suck at introspection, which means that I cannot find the reasons for it. I try thought experiments, but they do not really work.

I don't want to be a bastard, but I feel like acting like one
But I have my own precious little fucking cheap happiness to protect
And I feel like a rat just contemplating hideous possible actions

Ok, I admit to a certain degree of confusion. I can only hope the night brings clarity.