Scopa is the generator for a family of scopa-like games.

Differences abound in the scoring system. The points described before (known as scope and punti di mazzo, that's to say card-counting points), are recognized by everybody. Some people add the "re bello" (the king of coins). Others add a thing called "napoletana" or "napola", which I suspect has been borrowed from the tresette game. A "napoletana" consists of a sequence of Coins cards starting from the Ace; the minimum is Ace, 2, 3 and it is worth three points. Extra points are gained for each card in an unbroken sequence. So someone having Ace, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 of Coins scores only four points.

In other regional variants of the game (I know of one in Brescia called ciccia) you get points for picchiata ("smash"), that's to say capturing a card immediately after it has been played and piccole ("small cards"), which is capturing three or more cards at a time, like taking Ace, 2 and 3 with a 6.

Traditionally scopa (like briscola) is played in couples; the couples are formed like in bridge.

Another variant is scopa all'asso, in which any Ace clears the table and captures all cards, but it does not score a scopa.

Scopa is a game where luck and skill more or less balance. There are similar games where luck is squeezed out of gameplay, called scopone and its very challenging scopone scientifico form.