With regards to E2:

    Indispensable HTML reference on E2

  1. E2 FAQ: Can I use HTML in my writeups? Yes, but only some HTML tags listed here.
  2. E2 HTML Tags shows hows to use the tags.
  3. E2 HTML summarize the tags and link to individual tags writeups.
  4. How to Format Poems and Simple HTML
  5. Ideas how to Everythingify HTML Tables since "tables" tags and other special tags only works in superdocs for the gods and not for us normal users on E2
  6. E2 FAQ: Using Special HTML Characters

    General HTML reference

  7. Mark's HTML tutorial but "a href" or "img" tags do not work on E2
  8. HTML Colors, you can also search for other HTML Colors, but they do not also work on E2
  9. HTML reference starting of an HTML reference
  10. common HTML attributes and HTML attributes
  11. The fine points of HTML indentation.
  12. HTML makes a lot more sense in the context of the World Wide Web (that is not the Internet).

    General Definitions

  13. HTML
  14. HTML Editor
  15. HTML Entity definition
  16. HTML comments definition and stories
  17. HTML Ezines definition
  18. HTML Filtering definition
  19. HTML Specification definition
  20. HTML Tags definition
  21. .html definition
  22. Strict HTML definition needs work

    Some Random Rants about HTML on E2

  23. Everything doesn't deal with HTML character references overcomed by E2
  24. No more HTML tags in titles filtered by E2
  25. Solar System HTML Page idea
  26. A simple, generic, server-side HTML editor idea
  27. HTML Email rant against it
  28. Does HTML work in Everything? Yes but
  29. stupid html tricks using superscripts tags
  30. Everything won't accept my favorite HTML tags about "blink" tags
  31. HTML Masturbation about "blink" tags again
  32. So why isn't everything valid HTML? that's not capital "e"
  33. how did you first learn HTML?
  34. HTML atrocity
  35. 04/27/00: HTML Is the story really about "HTML"?
  36. perfect HTML Form, humor and information in the same tasty package