Ah, sweet Pittsburgh memories ... one night I pulled an all-nighter at CMU, hacking on my pet LambdaMOO which happened to be on the other side of the pond.

At about 0600 I decided that I was tired (hosed even) and walked home - this was about a one hour walk, but I needed to cool my brain.
Almost home, on Beechwood Boulevard, I noticed a patch of violet flowers, sprinkled with dew. For some reason, that patch of flowers looked unusually bright and saturated.
I definitely felt the scales falling from my eyes, and stared at the flowers for a good five minutes, all but keeping from falling face-forward into them.
They did not smell, it was just the color (probably enhanced by the butt crack of dawn light) and the freshness.

Having met the numinous, I arrived home and crashed on my ground level futon.