From Trilogy of Error, season 12, episode 18 of The Simpsons.

Linguo is the grammar robot! Lisa invents him for her class's science fair, and after Homer pours beer in Linguo's mouth, Lisa repairs him ("Quiet please, some of us are trying to weld!"). She tries to get it to school even though she's late, and when Bart is suddenly caught in a dilemma, Marge throws Linguo at the mafia guys to save Bart's life, and Linguo blows up because of the mafia guys' bad grammar.

Some good Linguo quotes:

Lisa: If you misuse language, he'll correct you!
Homer: Well, lets put him to the test! Me love beer!
Linguo: I love beer!
Homer: Hey! He loves beer! Here little fellah! *Homer pours beer in Linguo's mouth*
Linguo: ERROR!
Homer: I'm sorry, I thought he was a party robot.

Lisa: Just lay still.
Linguo: Lie still!
Lisa: I knew that. Just testing.
Linguo: Sentence fragment.
Lisa: "Sentence fragment," is also a sentence fragment!
Linguo: *glances from side to side* Must conserve battery. *shuts down*

Louie: They's throwing robots!
Linguo: They are throwing robots.
Legs: He's disrespecting us. Shuttupa you face!
Linguo: Shut up your face!
Legs: Wassamatta you?
Louie: You aint so big.
Legs: Me and him are gonna whack you in the Labonza!
Linguo: Bad... grammar... overload. Error! Error! *blows up and lands near Homer*
Homer: *gasp* Linguo..... dead!?
Linguo: Linguo is dead. *shuts down*

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