- Fact -

Bartlesville, OK is a small town of about 35,000 people in Washington County in Oklahoma, part of Green Country. Bartlesville is the County seat for Washington County, and is the largest city in Washington County. The community is accessible from the north and south by U.S. Highway 75 and by east and west by U.S. Highway 60.

Bartlesville's climate is best described as mild, with an early spring, warm fall, and mild winter. The average annual temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with seasonal averages of 61 degrees in spring, 79 degrees in summer, 60 degrees in fall, and 39 degrees in winter. Annual rainfall averages around 35 inches and annual snowfall averages around 10 inches.

Bartlesville is home to many business, including Phillips Petroleum (Phillips 66). Bartlesville has 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 mid-highs, and 1 high school. The average ACT score in the Bartlesville school system is 22.4.

- Opinion -

I may be a bit biased because I was born and raised here, but I love this town. It's not too big (you can get to and from every spot in town in less than 10 minutes), but not too small. There are many aspects of our town that make it seem bigger than it really is. This mostly due to the fact that Bartlesville has a high number of upper-class people due to the large amount of Phillips Petroleum executives. Business are attracted to our town because labor is relatively inexpensive, and there is lots of revenue waiting from the large amount of upper-class people. There is a big(ger) city waiting just 45 minutes away (Tulsa, OK) in case you can't find something to do in Bartlesville.

For a computer nerd, the town is great. We have relatively inexpensive access to DSL, Cable, and Wireless internet services through a range of companies. The only disadvantage right now is the lack of data circuits. Every Internet provider in town is scrounging for circuits due to fiber shortages in the area, and a lack of willingness/interest by the big telco companies to lay more fiber/cable to our town.