The Phillips Petroleum Company founded in 1917, is famous for adopting the sign Phillips 66 on their brand of gas. How'd they get 66? Well, the story goes that a company offical was traveling on Route 66 and after looking at the speedometer exclaimed, "This car goes 60 on our new gas!" the driver of the car replied, "Sixty, nothing; we're doing 66!" Afterwards, the offical told the story at a company meeting, and it was agreed that 66 would be a good trade symbol.

Phillip 66 can also lay claim to having the only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Located in Cloquet, Minnesota, there is a large room in the visible second story for people to relax and chat. The only major differance between the design and the actual structure is that Wright wanted the pumps to be overhead, but due to state laws, this couldn't be done. Nonetheless, it's still pretty cool.

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