Good day today. I finally got my write up on Skaldic Poetry written, which I've been meaning to do for a couple of years now. I based it mainly on an email I sent to my wife back when we were first courting. As a side effect, I read through a bunch of those first emails we exchanged - all I can say is that it was a magical time.

I was at loose ends this evening, and I almost saw Die Another Day, but I was planning on a 7:30 show, and at 6:58 I found out it was really a 7:00 show. Ah well, perhaps I'll Watch Another Day.

I didn't accomplish too much at work, but I'm trying a new angle on sifting through a few dozen terabytes of web crawl data to discover what sites are really synonyms for each other.

I consumed a Pit Bull Energy Drink, which I then also wrote up. The local Safeway still has only an empty space where the Rock Star is supposed to be.

I know I did a bunch more stuff today; after all, it took me all day to do it. I guess I filled out and submitted an expense report, that accounts for another ten minutes. That's why I'm daylogging, to keep from losing all my days into the mists of my undependable memory. Perhaps I need to update hourly as some other folks do.