No matter what happens you will always be special to me:

  • Because no matter how harsh your words are, I know you don't mean it.
  • Because you know that I'll always be there for you.
  • Because I know that you know.
  • Because I can talk to you without saying one word.
  • Because no matter what I say, you understand.
  • Because we can stand there not saying a word, and yet we're having silent conversations.
  • Because when you're around I feel safe and secure.
  • Because when you're around I feel warm.
  • Because I feel your embrace for days and weeks afterwards.
  • Because a hug from you is the best thing I have ever felt
  • Because a hug from you is one of the best feelings I will ever experience.
  • Because, just because...
  • bella, bella, che dorme con la luna ed i giochi con la pioggia, con il mare e la luna ha occhi della bellezza pura...

    Come here, lean your head on me, brighten my life with the sound of your voice and the color of your smile.