Turkey, is the English-speaking name of the country Turkiye. Turkiye is known to have one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul, as well as having many summer resorts on its southern coast.

The capital of Turkiye is Ankara.

The common language in Turkiye is Turkish. Turkish draws its roots from nowhere but itself. Before the 1950s(roughly) the Turkish language still used Arabic characters, but the first president of Turkey, Ataturk, changed the alphabet to Roman. The Turkish alphabet contains 29 letters, and each letter has a singular pronounciation unlike English. (More Information on Turkish Alphabet and Language)

The flag of Turkey is a centered white crescent moon with a star inside the crescent, upon a red background. The flag is said to originate due to the aftermath of a battle leaving blood-filled water, in which the crescent moon and star reflected upon.

Turkiye is brought up on mainly Islamic ideals, with a large percentage of Jews as well, but does not hold religous laws to country laws. In other words women are equal in Turkiye, unlike in some of Turkiye's neighbors.

Most Turks, the name for citizens of Turkiye, claim creation of baklava, lokum(Turkish Delight), and doner, known in the states as gyros.

During the time of the Spanish Inquisition, many Jews were forced out of their homes in European lands. However, Turkiye welcomed them into their country.

If one should visit the country of Turkiye, and one finds the want to buy an old Ottoman Empire fez at some store. One tip: DO NOT WEAR THE FEZ IN PUBLIC. The fez is considered a symbol of the Ottoman empire, and has been deemed illegal to wear. Wearing a fez indicates that you wish to return Turkiye to its empire state.