This (that is, the title of this node) isn't true.

Nowadays, many Loews/Sony theatres have small kitchens that enable them to offer such formerly unthinkable movie food as curly fries, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, and popcorn shrimp. Some of the Loews theatres in my area offer buffalo chicken fingers, but some don't have it on the menu. I don't understand this, because if they serve chicken fingers and buffalo wings, how hard can it be to put the hot sauce on the chicken fingers? (Yes, the sauce is seperate, and put on after cooking the items, I've seen it.) That, however, is beside the point. All the Loews theatres in my area sell something with hot sauce on it, during peak hours when the kitchen is open.

An aside: I happen to think that this is among the greatest things ever. Sometimes I just don't feel like popcorn or candy when I go to the movies; sometimes I just want something that's more like real food. So lately, about half the time when I go to see a movie, I get something from the kitchen, usually buffalo chicken fingers.

Back to the point; at Loews theaters, when one orders something with hot sauce on it, they serve it with a stick or two of celery, much as is done at many restaurants with orders of buffalo wings and such. I'm not sure that I understand this; I suppose that the celery is intended to ameliorate the acidic burning of the mouth resulting from eating spicy things, much as can be done with milk or bread, but it never works for me. Nevertheless, the fact still stands: celery IS served at movie theaters. And it annoys me when they don't have any left, because even though it doesn't help me eat buffalo chicken, I really like celery.

Update - June 22, 2002: They still serve it. I was at Loews Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY last night, seeing Minority Report, and I got two small sticks of celery with my buffalo chicken fingers.