What is the deal with all these songs lately coming out with the title "Breathe?" The past two years I've heard five songs with that title, two of them are the same damn song sung by two different artists. Melissa Etheridge is one and I cannot remember the name of the other (please /msg me if you know of which I speak). The latest is one by Anna Nalick. It's a fine song, not awesome but not bad, but it's tainted in my mind by the fact that there are already songs named breathe by the aforementioned Etheridge, Erasure, and Michelle Branch.

What, did they all recently attend a musician's conference where one of the talks was "Get played on the radio: Come out with at least one song entitled 'Breathe?'" Anybody with me here?! If one more musical artist -- and I use the term loosely -- comes out with a song called "Breathe" in the next five years I will just...just...well, write them a nasty letter. OK don't get me wrong, Michelle Branch and Melissa Etheridge are talented artists (and maybe this Anna Nalick chick, but I have to hear more of her to have a clear verdict), but surely, wich the exception of the first one to do it -- not sure which -- they all had to be aware that there were a bazillion other songs out there with the same goddamn title! Was this not a concern of theirs??

Maybe I should calm down. Maybe I should just...breathe.

Serenity now!!