A mumu is a formless, very loose-fitting garment that completely covers the body from neckline to ankles, usually with some sort of print as coloration, and almost always in soft, bright, and/or vibrant colors. Mumus have the advantage of being very easy to put on and take off. It is hard for some people to tell the diference between a mumu and a dress.
Zippy the Pinhead wears one.

It has been rumoured that John Sununu wears a mumu with a tutu, but those rumors are unsubstatiated.

'Mumu' is occasionally spelled 'muu-muu'.

The henchmen (henchthings?) of the evil Baron Aloha in the Sony PlayStation games JumpingFlash! & JumpingFlash! 2.

These muumuus are of an indeterminate species, but appear to this nodist to be three-legged mushrooms with small palm trees growing out of their heads. The player knows they are angry when their eyebrows turn down in the classic animator's "Now I'm angry" fashion.

They have a limited vocabulary, consisting of the plaintive cry muu! muu!, vocalised somewhat nasally (as to whether three legged mushrooms etc etc have nasal cavities is another question best left aside for now).

JumpingFlash! is remembered as earth's first true "3D platformer", allowing the player to control the Robbit (a mecha rabbit) in all X Y and Z dimensions.

If game characters could be Ching!ed, I'd give muumuu's a dirty big Arial Bold C!

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