I may be preaching to the choir, given the liberally-minded (generally) community here, but this proposed ban on Nazi symbols - like the swastika - or any racist symbol in the EU really bothers me. I know I do not live in Europe, but this has global implications. I am not speaking about this as an American, but as a member of the human race. Sure, these symbols represent the depths of human stupidity, hatred, and intolerance, but we cannot try to forget about them. Ignoring that those dark sides of humanity exist only gives them more power.

The symbols can be used in a wide variety of contexts with no intentions of inciting violence or hatred (not to mention that the swastika inparticular means a lot of other things, see the node about it for more info), but my objection to the ban is not only about freedom of speech or expression. Like them or not, these are symbols of our past, a dark past, but our past nonetheless. We must always remember them and what they stood for and what they still stand for with certain people today. Most of us hate to look upon them, but we must not forget. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. You cannot combat racism or intolerance by sweeping them under the rug. It's difficult to fight an enemy you cannot see. Keep them out in the open. Confront them directly. Point to swastikas when with your children and say "See this? I'll tell you what this is and what it stands for and how wrong that is and why."

Education is power.

Ignorance is folly.