There is a bizarre obsession, almost cult-like, with this singular number. For many adolescents it can mean the difference between their parents’ praise or disdain. I first took my SATs in 7th grade for Christ’s Sake! But why? I really don’t know. I don’t believe that I received any special advantage from it; I don’t believe that I am a better, more well-rounded, or cultured person from it. So what is it?

There are prep courses out the wazooo. I took a Princeton Review course once. I had a friend who took a Kaplan course. We both got fair scores. I ended up at a respectable university. Sure, you’re guidance counselor will kindly explain to you that it’s all about creating a standard against which colleges can measure student’s equally; but I have a different theory. SATs are really just another chance for someone to make money off of the suffering of others. Somewhere in Princeton, NJ there is a greedy old man who is raking in the cash. He is capitalizing on the suffering of high school juniors and seniors everywhere. I think that it’s pretty clear from grades, recommendations, interviews, and essays whether a particular student would fit in at a particular university; there is no need to put students through the crap that is SAT morning.

and they’re ALWAYS offered on saturdays. why???