A horseshoe is thought by some to have purposes other than to clad a hoof. Some people use horseshoes as a folk-magic amulet that will protect them from things like witches, the devil, and the evil eye. Should you wish to use one to aid your life you will have to prioritise, as a horseshoe is also a charm for good luck, but it can not perform both as a luck bringer and personal demon security system. Do you choose to have riches, or rid yourself of that darned evil eye?

If you choose the luck option be sure to place it with the end pointed upwards, so the luck doesn't spill out. To protect against sorcery and the like position it pointed downwards, and follow these suggestions (commonly used placings): Over a doorway to keep out evil spirits, in a chimney to prevent a witch from entering, or over your bed to stop that pesky demon, and nightmares, from bothering you. Once in place don't move it, or it becomes ineffective, and don't paint it because its iron properties are part of what makes it potent to the nasties.

Now you know the other use for the horseshoe I suggest you wander down into the village, visit the blacksmith, and stop off at the Inn for some mead before heading home to a more prosperous, or evil free, future.