A Regional Dish indigenous to the St. Louis area. The basic things it consists of are hash browns, eggs, sausage, and chili. There are variations on this dish. One of the best places to have a slinger is at an Eat Right near downtown St. Louis just north of Soulard, MO. The place is a dive, but damn that slinger tastes good when you are three sheets to the wind. There are many other places I've had this fine dish, but the best have always been the biggest dives.

A toy used in the same way as a frisbee. It's made of four parts, each part is flat and slightly bent to form a rounded square. It can be thrown while collapsed, and the centrifugal force will extend the pars so it spins in the air fully extended.

An integral part of the solid waste disposal system (space toilet) on board the space shuttle.

Solid Waste floats in space. A conventional toilet cannot flush without gravity. The slinger uses a vacuum to pull the feces into a spinning blade that spreads it onto the walls of the container, to be stored until landing. This uses the principle of "shit hitting the fan."

In an early case of one of the early shuttle launches, the slinger was installed backwards, meaning it carved up the astronaut's waste, and...ummmm...sorta hurled it back at him. He assumed he pushed the wrong button, and cleaned it up without mentioning it. Then the next astronaut used it, with the same results. He was not happy. Mission control, after a laugh, gave instructions how to reverse the machine.

Sling"er (?), n.

One who slings, or uses a sling.


© Webster 1913.

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