The Simulacron3 would do well to meditate some more (or even read, though one would hope not at a library) on copyright.

Specifically, on what a copyright library is.

Well go on, give us a clue!

How are we going to sue the bastards for copyright infringement (or even just prove that they did, in case we think we're libertarians)? One good way is to go to your country's copyright library: the Library of Congress in the USA, the National Library in Israel, ...

When a book is published, a copy goes into the copyright library. Which makes copyright infringement much easier to show.

Is that all?

Not really. You see, copyright laws specifically state exemptions for libraries. The point of copyright is to dissemminate information in a fair manner, not to stifle it!

And the copyright library(ies) is the foremost institution a copyright law gives for doing that.