Just a random rant if I may.

Sometimes I help out people doing things. That I don't mind. Why do some of then insist on talking while they type? I don't mean saying things like "ok, now I just need to compile... hmmm.... weird error... ok, lemme try this again...." No, I mean saying exactly what they are typing! Why? Why do I need to hear "see dee slash user slash source slash linux, enter. make bee zee image and and make modules and and make modules underscore install, enter.... " and so on the entire time! Now on one hand, if the lusers who used to call me in my tech support days would have done this, my life would have been much nicer, but the people that do this to me now are the ones who aren't idiots!

Not only that, but I have to sit on the phone, putting my life and work on hold to listen to someone fucking transpose their shell history to me! It's a waste of my time and theirs, and I don't understand it. There's just no reason! When I say "now go compile your kernel, just do it, don't step me through every keystroke!

Thanks, I'm feeling much better now.