To pick up on Sid's train of thought that the whole Owens story isn't told, it's interesting to note Owens' fourth gold is actually shrouded in some controversy. Gold four came when he helped the United States' 4x100 relay team win. Two Jews, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, were supposed to run but were replaced at the last minute by Owens and Ralph Metcalfe. Some believe the change was made at Hitler's behest.

The head of the US Olympic Committee, Avery Brundage, was an admitted admirer of Hitler's new order and a member of an anti-immigration organization called America First. America First, at the time, attracted a great deal of Nazi sympathizers. It is alleged Hitler asked Brundage not to embarrass him further by having two Jews win. It is also conjectured Brundage's cutting Glickman and Stoller was a way of punishing those who supported calls for America to boycott Hitler's games. Some of the biggest supporters of the boycott were, not surprisingly, Jews in America.

Owens himself was upset at the last minute change and protested that Glickman and Stoller should run. Glickman held no ill will for Owens. They formed a close and lasting friendship. Glickman returned to Berlin in 1985 for a ceremony in honor of Owens' achievement.