A superhero published by DC Comics and created by Roy Thomas. Amazing Man first appeared in All-Star Squadron #23 in 1982.

William Everett was a gifted athlete who made the 1936 Olympic team along with Jesse Owens. Traveling to Germany, the two black athletes won event after event, flying in the face of Hitler's master race propaganda. Unfortunately, Everett's popularity in the games did not turn into job offers later on, and he fell on hard times a few months after the games had ended. Working as a custodian for a scientist named Terry Curtis, Everett soon found his life turned upside down.

One evening, Everett was taken hostage by agents of the villain known as the Ultra-Humanite. Everett was then exposed to energy produced by a generator of Curtis's design. The generator exploded and Everett came out of the blast with the ability to absorb the properties of any substance that he touched. He could become tough as steel or as stretchable as rubber once he touched one of these substances. Everett agreed to help the Ultra-Humanite in his quest to take over the world hoping that he and his family would be spared.

After battling the All-Star Squadron in a costume and calling himself Amazing Man, Everett realized that the Ultra-Humanite would not keep his end of the bargin, so Everett betrayed the villain and battled along side the All-Star Squadron. Later, he became a member of that same group of heroes.

Years later, after being exposed to an intense magnetic field, Amazing Man's powers changed into allowing him to attract and repel things with a magnetic field. This power continued until his death.

Recently, Everett's grandson William Everett III gained powers similar to his grandfather's original powers and worked with the Justice League for a time, but was killed by the villain the Mist not long after he began heroing.

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