Eyeguard from Eye-t Technology is one of the odder censorware programs to come out onto the market. Unlike programs like Cybersitter, Eyeguard does not filter on text content or known nodes of net naughtiness (i.e., Playboy, the National Organization of Women, the Turkish Wrestling League), it prevents pictures of nekkid people being displayed in your web browser, email, or image viewer.

How does it know it's a picture of a nekkid person and not, say, a picture of a defeated and embarrassed Italian soccer player crying in the arms of his nona? Well, Eyeguard has crunched thousands of pornographic images and come up with an algorithm that determines how much flesh (i.e., skin tone) is being displayed in the picture. If too much skin tone is present, it either freezes the computer or logs the incident, depending on settings at install time.

Now before you say "well, that's okay I don't like looking at naked blonde Norwegian women I like raw 'n nasty pygmy porn", know that Eyeguard contains skin tone gradients for all the err races.

Eyeguard is not perfect. It doesn't work well on black-and-white photos. Eyeguard makers aren't too worried as they feel your hardcore porn jockeys don't much go in for black and white photos. However, fans of Celine Dion and Japanese sumo wrestling should be concerned as one published test demonstrated Eyeguard refused to load those control images.