It should be noted the two other systems were not themselves hoaxes, but the code names were taken from famous scientific hoaxes. It's conjectured that Sagan did not like that his name was sandwiched between two famous scientific hoaxes. What was that saying about him as a scientist? It's akin to having your name sandwiched between CHILD RAPIST and CHILD KILLER and then the triptych becoming as fixed in people's minds as the Chicago/Windows 95 association was for the couple years prior to its released.

Sagan's butt-head astronomer lawsuit was filed in April 1994. The presiding judge, Judge J. Baird, threw the suit out in July 1994. He ruled that "BHA" was used purely in house and it could not libel Sagan. In his judgment he noted "One does not seriously attack the expertise of a scientist using the undefined phrase 'butt-head.' "

Apple claims after the suit, it reached an undisclosed, amicable settlement with the butt head.