it was the oddest thing. i was waiting at a bus stop and found a bottle half-buried in the mountain of snow beside me (still around since february's storm). i don't normally go digging through garbage (ok, so i do, i'm a garbage-digger, ok? got a problem with that?), but waiting for the bus is awfully boring, so i pulled it out and took a look.

vitaminwater is made by a company called glaceau-- i'll assume they're fairly recent as their website is not up yet, and these speciality water companies all seem to have their own websites these days. at any rate, the product lives up to its name-- it has a fair amount of vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. never mind that B3 and B5 aren't really essential dietary vitamins anyway. no matter. it HAS 'em.

i'm no expert on the nutritional/health/whatever value of these newfangled drinks, but the label on the bottle claims the following:

this drink is it. that extra pep in your step, that zing in your zang, that kick in your uh... anyway this baby delivers with enough vitamins, ginseng and guarana to keep you whirling and twirling. they're already dissolved for maximum effect and with an amazing tropical blast you'll never run out of gas again. drink often. feel great.

here are some other products by glaceau that run in a similar vein:

has anyone ever tried this marvelous elixir? can anyone tell me about this or glaceau's other "water+ products"? share!