John Lennon was supposedly obsessed with the number nine. He was born on October ninth, and The Beatles were "discovered" by Brian Epstein on November ninth, 1961. The bus he used to travel on to liverpool art college was number 72 (2+7=9), the same number as his apartment with Yoko in the dakota building (which was located on west 72nd street in New York). the police car that ran over his mother had the registration number LKF 630 (6+3+0=9), and the man behind the wheel was police constable 126 (1+2+6=9). She was pronounced dead at Sefton General Hospital, 126 Smithdown Road. Julian Lennon was also born here.

because of all these freaky coincidences, John Lennon believed the number nine ruled powerfully over his life. Some say he even orchestrated it so that his second son, Sean Lennon, was born on the same day, October ninth, making him slightly premature. These same people also say that John specifically chose apartment 72 for the same superstitious reasons.

Fittingly enough, John was killed on December eighth in New York, the time difference making it December ninth in Britain. He was pronounced dead at 11:07 pm (1+1+0+7=9).

The above facts were gleaned from various sources, most prominently, so no slaying if I am wrong