Made mine out of duct tape.
"Duct tape?", you say.
Yep. Duct tape.
Of course, it was lined with saran wrap, so as not to completely and painfully depilate me when I took it off. It was off-the-shoulder and short, with an a-line skirt and a diamond shape cut out of the belly to showcase my navel piercing. My sister helped wrap me in the plastic and then smooth the strips of tape directly to my body. I carried some pinking shears and an extra roll around in my purse all night, so that i could easily disrobe and then re-tape myself, if needed. I found platform high-heels in the exact shade of duct tape, and I sprayed my hair silver, with make-up to match, of course.
Where'd I get the idea?
These things happen when you're a weirdo.