Something I have been hearing a lot of lately. Most recently:
"Call if you need me. I would rather be woken up than find out later that you needed someone and didn't say anything. . ."

I would just like to bring something to the attention of everyone who has ever said this, or any of the variations of this statement, to me. I WILL NOT CALL.

I will not show up at your place at 4 in the morning, and I probably won't admit to you that I needed to not be alone. That all I needed was a hug, and a few adoring words of comfort and love.

Because I am stubborn, and because I think that the fact that I can't sleep doesn't really affect you anyway. Because I know that I won't ever get to a point where I am over whatever it is that ails me (something that I am resigned to), so you might as well save your energy for your own problems and sleep. Blissfully unaware that I was alone and in need of a friend.

Dont worry though. . .I won't ever hold you responsible for my inability to go to you with my problems. I certainly wont hold it in a negative light where our friendship is concerned. It isn't like you know what is going on with me or anything.
I don't know what is going on either.